Ways to Handle Too Many Clothes

Simply + Fiercely

As a minimalist, I know many people expect me to say, “you should only own 30 items of clothing” or something ridiculous like that. But this actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, I firmly believe that there’s no “one size fits all” answer to how much is too much.

Some people need more clothes than others, which reflects lifestyle, environment, values, and priorities.

First, you can start by clearing out the obvious stuff like damaged or worn-out clothes.

How To Decide What Clothes to Keep?

Once you’re done with that, it’s a question of identifying your personal style. Get curious about the clothes you already have. Look for patterns in fit, fabric, hemlines, colours, patterns and more.

Are you actually wearing all of your clothes? If not, then here’s a hard truth. You probably don’t like them all—at least not on you.

“I Have Too Many Clothes But I Like Them All!”

This is an important lesson that took me a long time to learn. You can love a style, admire it on other women, and save it to your Pinterest boards, but this doesn’t mean that you like how it looks on you.

Decluttering is a great starting point, but the best solution is to stop what’s coming in. This means you need to get your shopping under control, or you’ll continue to struggle with too many clothes.

“I Keep Buying Too Many Clothes…”

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