When Life Gets Hard: 6 Things Your Soul Needs To Hear

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I know that when life gets hard, it’s easy to feel discouraged. I’ve been there too—and these are a few gentle reminders for anyone who needs to hear them.

If you're like me, you’ve felt the pulling in your heart and the weight on your shoulders—then I wrote this for you.

These are lessons that, at some point, my soul needed to hear. Or perhaps, I still need to hear. I hope they speak to you as well and help you on your path forward.

I’ve walked away from careers, a marriage, a home and most of the ‘things’ I spent my life accumulating, and it has never been easy. But I know what feels right, and I know I’ll never regret being true to myself.

It’s OK not to want what everyone else wants.

Don’t be scared or embarrassed to change course if you notice something isn’t working for you. You weren’t ‘wasting’ your time. You were learning and growing and being perfectly human in a very imperfect world.

It’s OK to change your mind about what you want.

Don’t be limited by the labels other people give you. You are intrinsically worthy and wonderful, and you don’t have to prove this to anyone.

You are not defined by what you own or how you earn your living.

Anger can help us understand our priorities (after all, we often feel angry when our values have been violated) or allow us to understand our needs better. And I’ve learned that embracing fear can lead to a great adventure!

Anger and fear are normal emotions.

I know that when life gets hard, it’s easy to want to write off our mistakes. But the truth is that the seasons of our lives will change, and they are all beautiful in their own way.

Something doesn’t have to last forever to be successful or valuable.

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