Why Tackling Clutter Can Seem Unachievable and How to Address It

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I can remember a time when clearing clutter felt impossible.  I was just so tired. Tired of my cluttered home, tired of being overwhelmed, tired of being tired, tired of being myself.

I wanted something different, and I suspected decluttering was the way forward. But as time passed, my optimism quickly faded. Decluttering was much more challenging than I expected, and in my head, all I could think was, “What’s wrong with me?”

If this strikes a chord, please know you are not alone. I’ve worked with hundreds of women from around the world who feel the same way. Here’s what I know about decluttering and why it feels impossible.

You’ll never have 100% certainty when it comes to decluttering. But you can believe in yourself and know that whatever the future holds, you can deal with it.

You crave certainty and fear making the wrong decisions

Stuff we can’t let go because there’s still no closure. It turns out the key to decluttering most items is processing the emotions that are stored inside them. And that’s not possible if we pretend they don’t exist.

Clutter is often a placeholder for difficult feelings

If you have a lot of stuff, going through hundreds of items, one by one, is a recipe for failure. Our brains can only make so many quality decisions before they throw in the towel.

Most decluttering advice leaves you feeling overwhelmed

Decluttering is NOT like spring cleaning, and the problem was not my lack of effort. Instead, it was a lack of curiosity and compassion.

You‘re focusing on the wrong problem

I invite you to check out Clear Your Clutter, my group decluttering program. I teach a heart-centered approach that addresses both the practical and emotional sides of decluttering.

How to Finally Clear Your Clutter

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