Mindful Decluttering Guide

Mindful Decluttering

Mindful Decluttering is a free 18-page guide and workbook to help you finally clear the clutter for good. 

"I loved the connection you made with mindful decluttering - others talk about becoming more mindful as part of a minimalist journey, but the fact you've made it part of the framework of the process itself sets it apart. It's brilliant - excited to see this coming into the minimalist landscape. You have a fresh, supportive and enquiring voice." —Christina J, 38, St Albans UK

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Welcome to Simply + Fiercely—an online community dedicated to helping women build lives they love through simple and intentional living.

I'm Jennifer and as a former shopaholic, I know how it feels to live a cluttered life. For years, I felt trapped and overwhelmed, knowing in my heart that something wasn't right but confused about how to make things better.

I spent years feeling stuck until I finally learned how to clear the clutter and create a life I love—and now I'm on a mission to share what I learned.

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