How to Create a Culture of Slow Living

These days, it feels like almost every conversation begins with a statement of busyness: 

I’m good thanks, just busy.

We hear it so often that it doesn’t even feel like a complaint anymore. It’s almost as if being busy has become synonymous with being fine; we’re no longer concerned by the admission. Instead, we nod our heads in agreement because we feel the same way—doesn’t everyone?

Sadly, I think so. Most of us have accepted that never-ending to-do lists and jam-packed schedules are a normal part of modern life.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if instead of embracing exhausted and overwhelmed as cultural norms, we all decided to take small, intentional steps in the opposite direction? What would that look like?

While I won’t pretend to have all the answers, I think there are ways we can actively work towards creating a culture of slow living—a society where our collective self-worth isn’t defined by how much we do and how much we consume.

Here are a few ideas that I’m exploring and I invite you to join the conversation too; how can we work together to choose simple and slow over cluttered and busy?

What if we stopped accepting busy and overwhelmed as "normal" and worked towards creating a culture of slow living instead?

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10 Ways To Slow Down a Busy Day

Sometimes life feels out of control, time gets away from me, and I feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.
When this happens, I’ve learned that there are specific, practical steps I can take to slow down a busy day. These simple acts help me shift gears so I can feel calm and more at ease in my everyday life.

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