How Minimalism Has Influenced My Career

In this blog post, I’m answering another reader question! This time about how minimalism has influenced my career: 

“I’m curious about one particular part of your journey, which is how you managed to transform minimalism in terms of stuff into minimalism in terms of life vs career. Is it all due to less money going out, less money need coming in, or did you find that you actually got the mental space and energy to create a new career for yourself?“ —Felicia via email

I love this question because it’s a great opportunity to share some of the powerful (yet often overlooked) ways minimalism can change your life. Having a decluttered home is wonderful, but I think that in the long-haul, it’s only a very small piece of the puzzle. 

Ultimately, minimalism is a tool to help you live true to yourself and it can be used to transform all areas of your life. The story of how minimalism empowered me to change my career is just one example.

Ten years ago, I was stuck in a career I hated and today, I'm happily self-employed. Find out how minimalism was key to changing my career path.
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10 Ways To Slow Down a Busy Day

Sometimes life feels out of control, time gets away from me, and I feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.
When this happens, I’ve learned that there are specific, practical steps I can take to slow down a busy day. These simple acts help me shift gears so I can feel calm and more at ease in my everyday life.

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