Minimalism, intentional living, self care and more - on the blog you'll find stories, inspiration and practical tips to help you create a life you love. 

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7 Simple Days is a mini course about simple and intentional living, full of journal prompts and mini-challenges designed to kickstart change and help you create a life you love.

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I'm Jennifer - a minimalist, traveller and daydreamer. I'm passionate about strong coffee and helping women build lives they love through simple and intentional living.

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Mindful Decluttering

Mindful Decluttering is a free 18-page guide and workbook to help you finally clear the clutter for good. 

"I loved the connection you made with mindful decluttering - others talk about becoming more mindful as part of a minimalist journey, but the fact you've made it part of the framework of the process itself sets it apart. It's brilliant - excited to see this coming into the minimalist landscape. You have a fresh, supportive and enquiring voice." —Christina J, 38, St Albans UK

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"Something fundamental inside me changed when I found your website. The way that you approach minimalism with intention resonates with me deeply. I have not found anyone else who writes on the subject quite the way you do, addressing the mindsets and mental work, which is the key to making your life better. Thank you for sharing your insights with the world. You really are making a difference."

- Chantel H