… you’re ticking off life goals (✓career, ✓husband, ✓house) but you don’t feel “successful”

… you’re always shopping but you never feel like you have enough

there’s always a countdown to the weekend or your next holiday

… you often feel trapped and you daydream about being anywhere but where you are

… you feel like you’re just going through the motions and not truly living life

you’ve had enough. You’re tired of feeling empty and ready for something different

If this resonates with you, my friend, we have definitely got something to talk about.


I believe there are way too many women out there living on autopilot and doing what’s expected of them (school, careers, families, mortgages and more!) without actively deciding or even thinking about what they really want out of life.

And when this happens? There is no passion; life is lacklustre, hollow, and sometimes even hopeless.

Making things worse—without a clear sense of identity or purpose to fall back on—we try to fill the void by owning more stuff.

We’re becoming mindless consumers, buying stuff we don’t need or even want, for reasons we can’t even articulate.

Unfortunately, it’s not working. For too many of us, life gets bigger, but not better.

I know because I’ve been there too, living a life that looks good on the outside (courtesy of an overflowing closet) but feels empty on the inside.

I felt suffocated and trapped in my life.


… and slowly everything began to change.

I started by decluttering my stuff, and I was surprised to find that the less I owned, the more hopeful and optimistic I felt. As I said goodbye to rarely worn cocktail dresses and never used serving trays, a seed of possibility started growing in my heart.

I began to wonder what my new future might look like—and it was then I realised that decluttering was only the beginning.

The questions I asked about my purchases and possessions grew into questions about my life and my purpose.

I started asking myself: What brings me joy? Why am I on this path? What needs letting go? Where do I want to go?


I was learning that minimalism goes hand in hand with intentional living.

Gradually, I started reevaluating all my life choices, mindfully and with intention, and began making adjustments accordingly.

It wasn’t an overnight change, but I went from feeling trapped and stuck to thriving and loving my life—and I want this for you too!

I’m not a world leading expert or some sort of “guru” but I am an open heart, and—if you’ve read this far—I daresay a kindred spirit.

Simply + Fiercely is my invitation to you. Will you join me on a journey towards simple and intentional living?

Ready to get started? Here are your next steps:


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Mindful Decluttering is a free guide and workbook where I share step-by-step exactly how I decluttered my home and life. It includes practical advice, personal stories, and a troubleshooting guide to help you overcome your decluttering challenges!


7 Simple Days is a Simple + Intentional Living mini course that will:

  • bring you clarity and a better understanding of your vision and values
  • help you understand what simple living really means to you
  • define your priorities so you can focus on the things that matter most
  • inspire you to take small, practical steps towards a life you love
  • empower and motivate you to write your own story

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How do you feel after participating in 7 Simple Days? Renewed, inspired, opened. The course helped me get to the root of my urge to declutter stuff, which wasn’t much about “stuff” at all.
What did you like best about 7 Simple Days? The whole trajectory of the course towards a deeper understanding of yourself, your goals, your priorities. And Jen writes well. I felt a sense of personal connection.
Do you feel 7 Simple Days was good value for money? The questions, prompts, challenges that the course provides are a lifetime of work. $29 isn’t much to trade for that kind of guidance.

-Kathleen K., 64, Sacramento (feedback shared with permission)