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Tell me—does any of this sounds familiar ...

... you're ticking off life goals (✓career, ✓husband, ✓house) but you don't feel 'successful'

... you're always shopping but you never feel like you have enough

... there's always a countdown to the weekend or your next holiday

... you often feel trapped and you daydream about being anywhere but where you are

... you feel like you're just going through the motions and not truly living life

... you've had enough. You're tired of feeling empty and ready for something different

If this resonates with you, my friend, we have definitely got something to talk about.

Hi! I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer and I'm so glad you're here, because I'm passionate about helping women build lives they love through simple and intentional living.

What exactly do I mean by that?

I believe there are way too many women out there going through the motions and doing what's expected of them (school, careers, families, mortgages) without actively deciding (or even thinking about) what they really want out of life.

And when this happens? There is no passion; life is lacklustre, hollow, and sometimes even hopeless.

Making things worse—without a clear sense of identity or purpose to fall back on—we try to fill the void by owning more stuff.

We're becoming mindless consumers, buying stuff we don't need or even want, for reasons we can't even articulate.

Unfortunately, it's not working. For too many of us, life gets bigger, but not better.

I know because I've been there too, living a life that looks good on the outside (courtesy of an overflowing closet) but feels empty on the inside.

Needless to say, it didn't feel good.

But finally enough was enough and I learned how to take control, clear the clutter, and build a life I love—on my own terms.

And you can too.

Over the past six years, I've gone from feeling trapped to head over heels in love with my life.

This doesn't mean my life is perfect, but it means that most days I wake up with gratitude and hope in my heart.

And I want this for you too.

You see, when you discover something amazing, it's hard to keep to yourself. I’m not a world leading expert or some sort of guru, but ...

I am an open heart, and—if you've read this far—I daresay a kindred spirit.

I remember what it feels like to be tired, overwhelmed and completely lost—and it's these memories that motivated me to create this site and do my best to help you create a life you truly love.

So what's the catch? How do I plan to make this all happen?

After spending years travelling, soul searching, and trying new things, I realised the 'solution' I was looking for was surprisingly simple:




Say it out loud, write it down, and believe in it.

This is the secret sauce, the simple mantra, that helped me go from feeling trapped in my life to head over heels in love with my life. These words are my gift to you and I truly believe they have the power to change your life, as they did mine.

The concept is simple:

  • Be honest with yourself and decide what you really want out of life
  • Take control and start building life on your own terms
  • Clear the clutter—time to say goodbye to everything that's not adding value to your life

Sound good? Let's get started.

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Next, take action.

If you're tired of waiting for someday and you're ready to make a real change, then I've got something for you.

Hello there, lovely! It's time to start loving your life.

Thrive: Clear the Clutter + Create a Life You Love is a 30 day guided exploration where I teach you step by step how I transformed my life. I went from just barely surviving to absolutely thriving - all by practicing simple and intentional living - and you can too.

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