If there’s one thing I know deep in my heart, it’s that life is too short and too precious to waste—and if you’re reading this, then I know there’s a good chance that you feel the same.

It’s a tough place to be, isn’t it? When you know that there must be a better way, a way that allows you to truly LIVE, but you can’t seem to find the path forward. Instead, you’re stuck living on auto-pilot, slowly drowning in a sea of too much stuff and too many commitments.

If this strikes a chord, it’s probably because I’ve been there and I know these feelings all too well.

I wasted more years than I’d care to admit, chasing a life that looked good on the outside but felt all wrong on the inside. I was blinded by the pursuit of big, busy and more … confident that I would find the solution to my problems if I just worked harder and aimed a little higher.

Fortunately, I found my way in the end, but it was only when I decided to turn my attention inwards.

I stopped chasing and I started listening. Slowly, I began to unravel my true self from the person I thought I should be, and in the process, I said goodbye to busy and cluttered for good.

I created the following resources to help you walk your own path. 

They represent a decade of self-study, everything I’ve learned on my own journey towards simple and intentional living. From my signature course to my free e-book, I think there’s something here for anyone looking to clear the clutter and create a life they love.

Wishing you all the best!

x Jennifer

Imagine crafting a life with more of what matters and less of everything else. How good would that feel?! ??

I get it. You’re busy and somehow, the things that matter most to you always end up on the back burner, right?

Things like quality time with family, hobbies and passions you once enjoyed, going on adventures, learning new things and of course, self-care.

Whatever it is that matters most to you, I’m willing to bet that somehow, they’re the first things to go when life gets busy…

But what if you had the clarity and confidence to change that?

In Values + Vision, my signature course, you’ll take an in-depth look at your values and learn a step-by-step method for aligning your life with what matters most.

These are the foundations of simple and intentional living and everything I wish I had known 10 years ago.

You’ve been given one precious life—what are you doing with it?

Does the life you’re living represent your hopes, dreams, vision and values?

Or does it feel cluttered, busy, and out of alignment?

If you don’t like your answer to these questions, I invite you to join me for 7 Simple Days.

7 Simple Days is a short course designed to help you “kick-start” your Simple and Intentional Living journey. Over 2,500 like-minded souls have already taken 7 Simple Days—click below to find out why.

Stop living on auto-pilot and start living on purpose ✨

With Intention is a FREE challenge for anyone who is feeling stuck and needs help taking the very first steps towards Simple and Intentional Living.

Over the course of a week, I’ll take you through the pivotal moments of my personal journey towards simple and intentional living. You’ll find my stories, the lessons I learned and also simple activities YOU can do to live With Intention.

Over 1,400 people have taken the challenge and started living With Intention. Will you join them?

Are you struggling to declutter your home?

Perhaps you’re new to minimalism and you’re feeling completely overwhelmed about where to begin? With SO much stuff to deal with, how do you decide where to start or what to keep?

Or maybe you’ve been experimenting with minimalism for a while, but you’re struggling to make “living with less” a lifestyle. You’ve cleared a few bags of stuff but it’s been tough and you’re not feeling the ease you’ve read about online.

If you can relate to any of the above, then Mindful Decluttering is for you!

Mindful Decluttering is a free guide + workbook that teaches you to think differently about your stuff. I’ll teach you the exact process I used to declutter my home and life.