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14 Ways to Stop Living for the Weekends

Hello! It’s Friyay!! (I just learned that’s a thing, which means it’s probably already something people don’t say anymore.) But anyway, WOOHOO, Fridays mean weekends and weekends mean fun.

But sadly, the weekend only last two days. Next thing you know it’s Monday morning and I know that too often, the first thing you put on is your cranky pants.

Now, I know I preach the whole “love your life” thing like nobody’s business, but anyone who really knows me, knows I suffer from a severe case of Mondayitis (and Tuesdayitis..) It’s not easy to shake off the blahs when you have an early morning start and a long day ahead at your 9-5.

It is easy to start your Monday with a Facebook post about a grumpy cat and then get to work and get asked about your weekend and respond, “Good but too short!” And then, ha ha, everyone laughs even thought you make the same joke every Monday.


But wouldn’t it be so much better, if instead of living for the weekends, we lived full time?

Of course. So here’s a list of 14 ways to make every day a bit more awesome, so you can stop living for the weekends and have something to look forward too besides Friyay.

It's so easy to get into the trap of waiting for the weekends to 'live' your life. But wouldn’t it be so much better, if instead of living for the weekends, we lived full time? Here are 14 practical tips to stop waiting and start living.


I’ve been making a really conscious effort lately to be careful about how I speak to myself when I wake up. If I think “Oh God, it’s Monday”, I feel like crap before I even get out of bed.

I know it’s a tough one and not easy to do, but I’ve got a little trick that helps. It requires a little bit of prep work though; whenever I recognise I’m feeling good or something good is happening, I try sing or hum a few lines of a happy song. Use the same song every time (my song is Nina Simone’s Feeling Good.)

Then when I first wake up or I feel my mood starting to drop, I start singing my song in my head and I instantly feel better! Some sort of music/feeling/memory thingy (no idea the science behind it.) Sounds silly but it really works!


Pop open the champers you got as a housewarming gift three years ago. Drink it out of a fancy glass (not a coffee mug as I occasionally get caught doing.)

Wear your diamonds, spritz your favourite perfume, burn your candles; stop saving your good stuff for a special day and make today a special day.


Usually, one day midweek I go to bed really early. I leave the dishes in the sink, the laundry unwashed and completely ignore my to do list.

Try it. Change your sheets, take a hot shower, and celebrate going to sleep. One word: Bedgasm.

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Yes, I know it’s a school night. But hey, now that you’re getting more sleep (see above) you’ve got no excuses to stay out a little late.

Make big plans for a Wednesday: go to a gig, meet up with friends and stay up too late drinking vino, or catch a show. (Just make sure you have coffee ready for the next morning and you’re good to go!)


I know I’m not the first person to tell you this, but it’s important because it’s true. Do your hard jobs, the things you’re dreading most on your to list, first.

I find that when I finally do something I’ve been avoiding, I get a little buzz – a mix of relief and a sense of accomplishment, that helps carry me through the day. Plus, once you’re done your tough jobs, the rest of the day will seem easy.

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When I’m on holidays, I always plan my evenings around watching the sunset. There is something magical about being outside at the golden hour, sipping on a cold drink and watching the sun slip below the horizon. But at home, this same magical hour is too often spent on the couch, looking at a screen.

The sun sets every damn day, so find some time each week to watch it and bring that ‘on holiday’ feeling to your day. (Sunrise works too, but that margarita might look a little out of place.)

How to stop living for the weekend - enjoy sunset!


If I’m feeling a little meh and throwing myself a little pity party (oh whhyyyyy must I get out of bed at this ungodly hour…), I try and pull myself together by finding gratitude.

A common idea is to write or name 3 things that you’re grateful for every day, although to be honest this doesn’t really work for me. Instead, I like to record good memories as they’re happening (I use the Trello app in my phone.) Then when I’m feeling cranky or can see a bad mood coming, I open the list and get reminded of how much awesomeness is in my life.

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Confession – I am really, really bad at this; 90% of the time I eat lunch at my desk. But, when I do take a ‘real’ break … oh my goodness. The day is so much better. So I’m going to try harder to take my advice and you should too.

If you really struggle to get away for a proper break, at least get up from your desk more often. Make a coffee, walk to the printer, extra bonus points if you can go outside for a few minutes. While you’re there look at the clouds and see how much better you feel about your Tuesday.

It's so easy to get into the trap of waiting for the weekends to 'live' your life. But wouldn’t it be so much better, if instead of living for the weekends, we lived full time? Here are 14 practical tips to stop waiting and start living.


Like how I just snuck this big bomb into the middle of the list? But hey – if you really hate Monday, if you really struggle to get out of bed and face the day, then you probably really need a change.

If you don’t like you’re job, look for a new one. If you can’t make a big change now, start making baby steps. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get to where you want to be. What do you need to do to prepare for a big change? Study? Pay off debt? Downsize? If you’re feeling lost this is a good place to start.

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And I don’t mean ‘stop doing so much during the week and leave it for the weekend instead’ – I mean find ways to really do less.

How? Here are 3 ideas:

1. Hire someone to help. If you don’t think you can afford it, check your priorities and ask if there is something else you could give up instead.

2. Own less crap. Seriously, this has been a huge one for me the past few years. If you own less crap, you have less to clean.

3. Lower your standards. Ask yourself what can be done less often? (No one will judge you.)

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Even if you are just sitting on the couch, make it feel special. Burn incense or your favourite candles, get fresh flowers, or string up some fairy lights (a British/Aussie way of say little Christmas lights – much more romantic, right?) Turn the TV off, put on some music, and chill out.


Create something that excites you – start scrapbooking, take up photography, learn to sew, start a small business, write – the possibilities are endless.

Since I started blogging, I actually wake up in the morning excited to start work. I love that I’m sharing something I’ve created with the world and I love constantly learning and trying to improve. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I’ve struggled to find in my ‘real’ job.

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Lastly, stop counting down to the weekend. When you’re counting down, you’re telling your brain today and everyday til Friday is crap and not worth living. Be present and enjoy today.

What are your tips for making the most of everyday? Share your thoughts below x

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