20 Ways I’ve Simplified My Life

Are you looking for ways to simplify life?

I’ve considered myself a minimalist for the last four or so years and, over that period, I’ve simplified my life in many ways. Some of these changes have been huge and others, less so, but overall it’s the sum of these choices that have led me to the life I’m living today.

If you’re curious about minimalism then here are 20 ways to simplify life. These changes have made a huge impact on my life and I hope they will inspire you too!

Curious about minimalism? Here are 20 ways to simplify life. These changes have made a huge impact on my life and I hope they will inspire you too!


One quick note before we dive in:

Please understand this is not a definitive list of milestones every aspiring minimalist must “check off” on their minimalist journey. I know for a fact that many of my choices aren’t suitable for everyone, which is fine because minimalism looks different for everyone.

I’m sharing what has worked for me because it might inspire something that works for you, not because I think I know what’s best for you!

(And on that note, if you’ve got an idea that might inspire me, please let me know in the comments!)

Now, on to the 20 ways I’ve simplified my life! 🙂


Since embracing minimalism, I simplify life by living small. In the past few years, I’ve chosen to live in:

  • a studio apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom (furnished)
  • a room in a friend’s basement (semi-furnished)
  • a studio apartment with private facilities (furnished)

This is a huge change from my pre-minimalism/post-college years when I lived in two or three bedroom apartments (and always used one of the spare bedrooms as a walk in closet!).

When I chose to live in a smaller space, I knew this would save me money and allow me to live closer to the city, but I expected it to be a sacrifice. After years of living in bigger homes, I wasn’t sure I’d actually enjoy small space living—but the good news is, I was pleasantly surprised! Living in a small home is actually liberating; it’s so much easier to clean and it’s a weight off your shoulders knowing you’re only responsible for a small space.


I was a homeowner for six years (I lived in my home for two years and then I was a landlord for four after that). I finally sold my house last year and let me tell you—I am in no hurry to buy again anytime soon, if ever!

It is so much simpler to rent than to buy: goodbye mortgage, ongoing expenses (taxes, insurance, maintenance) and just a general feeling of being weighed down!

In full disclosure, where I live it’s much cheaper to rent than to buy. Obviously, my opinion on this might change if the rental market changes too.


There is no clever life hack here; I just do less housework. My home is not a wreck and the world will not end if you add an extra day to your vacuum cycle. (And by the way, your clothes will last longer if you wash them less!)


I haven’t owned a TV since 2012. Granted, I have a laptop and I spend a lot of time on it, but I still think it’s different from having a TV mindlessly blaring in the background. Not owning a TV means I watch less and it’s also one less big, heavy, expensive thing to own, clean, move and worry about.

(Update—in 2017 I bought a TV! But I try not to have it on unless there is something specific I want to watch.)

Curious about minimalism? Here are 20 ways I've simplified my life over the past few years. I hope something here will inspire simplicity in your life too.



This may be controversial, but I don’t meal plan. In fact, I very rarely do “meals” in the traditional sense; instead, I just buy simple food I like and eat it without worrying about following recipes. The result is I save money on groceries and spend less time in the kitchen.

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Almost all my banking is done automatically online—it’s such an easy way to simplify life! I go to the bank maybe once a year. I don’t have a chequebook and I actually haven’t seen one in person since I’ve moved to Australia!


I know this isn’t very glamorous, but as someone who spent the first fifteen years of her adult life living paycheque to paycheque, I can tell you that having a nest egg in the bank makes life so much simpler.


My simple wardrobe philosophy is very similar to my simple eating philosophy—I stick to what I like most and I don’t bother with anything else. As a former shopaholic (with a 100+ shoe collection) I can tell you this is liberating!

If you need help creating a simple wardrobe, then check out this post where I share the method that finally worked for me (after many failed attempts at downsizing my closet!).

I simplify life by maintaining a simple wardrobe!


(List of 20 Ways I’ve Simplified My Life continues below.)

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I don’t buy clothes that require dry cleaning or ironing. I also don’t buy anything white because I only do one load of laundry a week (so no sorting!).

2018 Update: after having a baby, I’ve started wearing whites again because I had so many white baby things to wash anyway! And now I definitely do more laundry but not as much as I used to in my “pre-minimalist” days!


I only go shopping when I know I need something specific and I make sure I have a clear picture in mind of what I need for before I go. This means I spend less time in the shops and make fewer impulse purchases. 

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I used to read both obsessively but I realised neither contributed anything positive to my life; instead, both left me feeling insecure and craving things I didn’t really need.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional magazines, then I highly recommend Holl & Lane a quarterly publication dedicated to starting honest conversations from real women. (Note this isn’t a sponsored or affiliate link, it’s just something I genuinely love and enjoy!)

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I use to obsessively browse the beauty aisle and I was always picking up some new “miracle” product to try, but I’ll be 35 next week. That means I’m old enough to know what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m not saying I’ll never try anything new again but I know it’s unlikely that anything I pick up in Target will revolutionise my beauty routine.

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In almost every email management system (Google, Outlook, Apple Mail) you can set up “rules” to help you manage your inbox.

For example, I get promotional emails about flight deals from several airlines (which is how I found $70 flights from Australia to Thailand). These emails are valuable but I don’t need to see them all the time, so I’ve set up a rule to have them automatically forwarded to a special folder so I can review when it suits me.

These articles will help you set up rules in Gmail / Outlook / Apple Mail.


Time blocking is a fancy word for doing one thing at a time, for a specific amount of time. I started using this productivity hack a few months ago and it has definitely helped simplify life!


I don’t have a lot of friends but the people I hold close to my heart are the ones who support me and encourage me (even if they don’t always understand me!). Don’t be afraid to let go of relationships that aren’t supporting you this way.

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In an ideal world, I wouldn’t need a car at all but for now, deciding to be a one-car household makes life simpler and cheaper. We spend less on insurance, registration fees, parking permits, petrol and maintenance—and it all adds up!


I’m a minimalist but that doesn’t mean I’m frugal! I often spend money on things that simplify life and make things easier. In the past, this has included: a personal trainer, a blogging course, a house cleaner, and really expensive Italian leather boots (comfortable yet stylish shoes are worth every penny!).


Spending time outdoors simplifies my mind (and now that I’m not shopping every weekend, I have more time for adventure). I swear to you that when my mind is busy and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, getting out into nature is like hitting the reset button on my brain.


Last year I quit my full-time job and at the moment I have no plans to go back to permanent 9-5 work (although I may do some temp jobs over the next few months).

I’m not 100% sure if this belongs on this list because, while not having a full time job makes me happier, I’m not sure if it’s truly a simpler option! At the moment I’m starting to explore freelance work and I do a lot of side hustles to make this work for me. Still, I only have the freedom to experiment with my life because I’ve simplified my life, so I’m keeping this on the list for now.


Finally, I think perhaps the biggest way I’ve simplified my life over the past few years is I’ve started to accept myself for who I really am.

For a very long time, I was trying to be someone I’m not and, to be honest, it was completely draining. Right now my future has a lot of question marks but despite this, I feel secure and comfortable with the person I’ve become, and it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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What are some of your tips for simplifying your life? Big or small, I’d love to hear your ideas! Let me know in the comments x

PS: I wrote a free, 18-page guide and workbook called Mindful Decluttering to help you finally clear the clutter for good. If you’d like a copy, don’t forget to subscribe below or click here! Here’s what people have to say about it:

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