How to Declutter Your Closet Once And For All

In the many years that I’ve been writing and teaching about minimalist living, the question I’m asked most often is how to declutter your closet.

Most of the people I speak to know the basics: they’ve been told in the past to take everything out of their closet, to try it all on (one item at a time), and to then sort it into piles (keep, donate, toss, etc.).

They understand closet decluttering in theory … but in practice? It’s hard to follow through with.

As a former shopaholic, I understand this better than anyone. The clothes hanging in our closets represent so much more than just “clothes”; in-between old sweaters and rarely worn cocktail dresses there’s also guilt, shame, insecurities and so much more.

Yes, you can sort your clothes into piles all day and all night—but how do you handle the guilt you feel about all the money you’ve wasted? And what do you do with items that you want to keep “just in case” (because we all know what it’s like to gain or lose a few pounds)?

And honestly, how do you know what to keep and what to declutter? Because if you had all the answers, you wouldn’t have bought so many mistakes in the first place!

I had all of these questions and more when I first decluttered my closet, which is why it took me several years to do. It was like my Everest—I knew that I desperately wanted a simpler wardrobe but it was so hard to do. I tried and failed over and over again.

Fortunately, I never gave up and almost a decade later, I’ve learned a LOT about minimalism, decluttering and how to let go. I’ve transformed my entire life and it all started with my closet.

I learned that decluttering is a two-part process: you need a practical system (something more structured than dumping everything and sorting into piles) and you need emotional support. You have to unravel your deep relationship with your clothes before you can start letting go.

How to Declutter Your Closet Once And For All

If you’re ready to take this leap, then you’re in the right place.

I put everything I know into a program called The One Day Closet Cleanse. It will walk you through step-by-step everything you need to know in order finally declutter your closet once and for all.

Don’t waste years going in circles as I did. You can create the closet of your dreams this week—but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Kristin B, from Michigan, USA had to say about the One Day Closet Cleanse.

“The One Day Closet Cleanse” Review

This is an email I received from Kristin about her closet decluttering experience, republished with permission.

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you! I purchased The One Day Closet Cleanse on Christmas Eve and it was the simply the best present.

Who spends money on an online course on Christmas Eve? Me! The person who had just spent two of my vacation days trying to tackle my clothing for yet another year. After tears and extreme frustration, I once again felt defeated.

Clothing has always been my nemesis. My bathroom, linen closet, kitchen… they are relatively decluttered, but clothing stops me dead in my tracks every time I attempt to conquer it.

I’ve put on a great deal of weight gain and I’m dealing with a wardrobe of four sizes that no longer fit. The higher the weight gain, the more clothes I had because nothing was ever “quite right” and I was searching for something that made me feel comfortable in this body.

A cycle of self-hate and shame. Never good.

Well, after buying the course, I took out my notebook and pencil, watched the videos, took notes, and sat with all of it. Out of all the books, blogs, and social media posts… this is the only one that hit a chord in me. Your writing style was as if I was listening to a sincere friend who knows me.

I spent Christmas Day journaling in preparation for the next day’s purge which was incredibly helpful. When the big day came, I was ready.

I am not going to lie, tears were shed and expletives were mumbled, but as long as I went back to my checklist to regroup, I was OK. It added an additional thing to the decluttering process which was tactile. I worked backwards from the basement to my actual closet. (Yeah, there was a ton to go through!) I took many “breathe in, breathe out” breaks.

With happy tears, I can now say everything fits in my closet!!! I made it through that damn tunnel!

Two drives to the drop off the donation and one more to go. I am sitting with it and plan on doing one more run through to get rid of duplicates.

I took a break from clothes today and let go of the remaining odds and ends that I have been hanging onto. I thank the course for that too. Woohoo!

Thank you and bless you for helping me conquer what seemed like an insurmountable task.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!


Closet Declutter Course

Ready to Declutter Your Closet?

If this has you feeling inspired and ready to declutter your closet (once and for all!) then I’d love to have you join me for the One Day Closet Cleanse.

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  • Bonus “Wardrobe Audit” workbook—this is the key to really understanding your style (say “goodbye” to buying things you never wear and “hello” to a functional closet full of items you actually wear!)

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